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The Oklahoma Master Gardener SM Program is a volunteer training program conducted by University Extension designed to help county extension centers meet the demands for consumer horticulture information. Master Gardeners take classroom training coordinated by local extension staff with the assistance of state extension specialists located at Oklahoma State University. After classroom training is completed, program participants are involved in an internship program of volunteer services coordinated by local extension centers. Volunteer service components vary widely around the state, but in all cases are educational, extension related, and represent the interests of University Extension. Oklahoma Master Gardeners have become a vital part of Extension’s ability to provide consumers with up-to-date, research-based information. Master Gardening has also become a popular volunteer activity that gives its participants a sense of community spirit, accomplishment, and intellectual stimulation. Home Page. The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Navigation Home.

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Learn more and register! Save the date! Join our mailing list to be notified when registration opens in the fall! Home Gardeners School provides expert instruction in the most innovative gardening and landscaping subjects available!

southeast Alaska Master Gardeners Annual Garden Tour July 25, environment, quality of life and supplement the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service Master Gardeners Program. Master Gardener Events Date.

Find like-minded companions Gardening clubs and groups Activity networks Friendship and dating agencies. Whether you are looking for knowledgeable friends to share your interest, or company for garden visiting trips, there are plenty of ways of finding someone. And for singles looking for a life partner, then it does seem to make sense to look for a common interest. Membership of local, regional and national gardening clubs and associations, catering for general or very focussed plant and garden interests are an obvious way to meet others.

On a very local level, gardening clubs, friends of a particular garden, garden-appreciation societies and garden centre events also draw together people who might not otherwise meet. Websites and online forums also broaden the scope for meeting up. The next step is a friendship or dating agency — there are scores of these aimed at different age groups and interests, but they vary in cost and quality.

Often they cater for companionship as well as romance. Any other tips? Please share them in the comments section below. We have not programmed any cookies to be set on your computer from this website. Accept Cookies and this website.

Extension Master Gardeners of Knox County

Our Help Desk is open to answer your questions by email and phone. To submit your questions please complete our diagnosis form or leave a phone message at The master gardener volunteers are working remotely and they will get back to you after they research your questions. Once it is safe to do so, we will reopen our office to serve you again in person.

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The Spotted Lanternfly is a non-native invasive insect from Asia. Please be on the look out for this pest that could have significant impact on Maryland and U. The University of Maryland Extension’s Cecil County Horticulture educator, Doris Behnke, is available to answer questions “bugging” you about plants and pests in and around your home. Describe your problem by phone or email, or you drop off a sample of your plant or pest problem at the Cecil County Extension Office.

The Cecil County Master Gardener program is composed of local citizens whose common goal is to promote safe, effective and sustainable horticultural practices that build healthy gardens. Master Gardeners are volunteer representatives of the University of Maryland Extension and are supervised and supported by University of Maryland Extension staff. For up-to-date information on the Maryland Master Gardener Program, please visit their site at extension. Follow us on Facebook!

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Site Menu expand. Participants attend a series of classes that train them in the latest, research-based, home horticulture practices. There are three levels of the program, each consisting of approximately 16 hours of class time over a eight week period. Master Gardeners are required to donate 20 hours of volunteer service a year, to maintain their Master Gardener status.

Volunteer opportunities include: working in the neighborhood garden, giving garden talks to schools, manning Info-Booths, telephone and office work, presenting gardening topics to civic groups, researching and writing grants, fair judging, fund raising, land research, and other opportunities as they present themselves. For those interested in Level 2 classes, please print off the application below and mail with a check to the Yellowstone County Extension Office.

This course is a self-paced program and includes all the curriculum of the Montana Master Gardener Level One course. Please contact your county or reservation Extension office for details or mail the Level 1 registration with payment to the Yellowstone County Extension Office. An online course link and instructions will be provided after the course fee has been received. Level 3 is a three-day hands-on intensive course offered on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman.

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Regardless of the unpredictable weather, March is the start of the spring garden season, a time to complete those winter tasks we dare not carry over into the spring rush, when there are so many tasks and so little time. March is also my month of math. Several of my experienced, risk-averse gardening friends assume that May 1st is the safe frost-free date in our area. You may wish to adopt this more cautious approach as well. The last frost date is the earliest date when many of your young vegetable plants can be safely planted outdoors.

Does your site have southern exposure, a colder exposure, or is it low-lying in a frost pocket?

Program trains local gardeners to provide research-based horticulture information to Refer to our Coronavirus Updates page for more information on alternate campus operations. Date Palm Gardening Guide for Southern Nevada.

Extension offices in both Clark and Washoe Counties receive thousands of phone calls and emails, as well as visits to the office, from people requesting assistance, which can easily overwhelm faculty and staff resources. Across Nevada, Extension Master Gardeners volunteer over 40, hours each year. Some Master Gardener volunteer activities are consistent throughout the state, including teaching classes, offering garden tours, staffing information booths at community events, and answering questions in person at Extension offices and through email and telephone.

In addition, Master Gardeners in each county performed activities and events specific to the county. Master Gardeners also presented for the Southern Utah Green conference. If you have questions about gardening in Nevada, let us know! We’re here to help you with your plant questions. Here’s our info. We hope you reach out. Washoe County Master Gardeners Email: mastergardeners unce. Clark County Master Gardeners Email: lvmastergardeners unce.

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Soon, the weather will transition from one season to the next. The successful fall gardener starts with the date of the first predicted freeze, calculating backwards from there. While many factors impact when it will freeze in your garden, a good place to start is the past. Continually revising their predictions, forecasters project the first date likely to drop below freezing based on a five-year average. You can find the projected date for first fall freeze for your county at climate.

Master Gardener volunteers: are trained Home gardening information using gardening resources on this Web site. Need a speaker? Event Name, Date.

Gardening Help Search. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about garden plants. Do you have additional gardening questions? Please contact us. Here’s how. Most planting activities revolve around the average last killing frost in the spring. In St. Louis this date is considered to be April

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If you are often found pruning your roses and fruit trees, or setting out your bulbs, why not share your love for gardening with someone who is equally passionate? Ourtime connects you with fellow gardeners to grow your passions together. After a break-up, a divorce or the passing of your life partner you may find yourself single over This is now your chance to start over again with someone new, someone right for you.

Click here to enter the Knox County Master Gardener website and email address, group name, date, time and location of meeting and number of attendees.

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