Pakistan at heart of regional peace effort, says Richard Holbrooke

The papers of Richard C. Holbrooke mostly consist of transcripts of interviews conducted with Clark Clifford by Mr. Truman, his legal and professional career, and his role as unofficial adviser to Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson. Size: Less than one linear foot about 1, pages. Access: Open. Copyright: Richard C. Holbrooke has donated to the U. Documents created by U. Copyright interest in other documents presumably belongs to the creators of those documents, or their heirs. Holbrooke consist of transcribed interviews with Clark Clifford conducted by Richard C.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. He was perhaps too much the professional diplomat and not enough the politician to get the top job. He had a fault – he was more interested in actually resolving disputes and conflicts than in turning the results into personal political advantage. The determined and sometimes abrasive methods that brought him success in negotiations are not necessarily the qualities needed for achieving the highest office.

Problem solving was Mr Holbrooke’s thing. Maybe he had memories of his early days when his parents, though Jewish by origin, took him to Quaker meetings. The early s were dark years, when Western governments stood by wringing their hands – the then British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd accused those who wanted action of being members of the “something must be done club”, asking for the unrealistic.

In Mr Holbrooke changed all that. He isolated the participants at a remote airbase in Dayton, Ohio, and kept them there until agreement had been reached. The general assessment is that agreement would have been unlikely without him. He established the principle that in a settlement, ethnic equality or balance can be achieved within existing structures without the need for borders to be redrawn.

Such redrawing was and is absolutely against all tenets of modern diplomacy but it was Mr Holbrooke who found the way to reconcile this with reducing ethnic tensions.

Our Man by George Packer review — Richard Holbrooke, America’s pushy diplomat

As it turned out, I was the last person to have lunch with Richard Holbrooke. There were hands to shake, aides scurrying about with details of the last-minute trip he had to make that afternoon to Capitol Hill, an interesting new backdoor conduit to Afghan President Hamid Karzai to consider. Lunch with his successor at Foreign Policy was an unnecessary gesture in his packed schedule but he had overruled his staff to keep our date that morning. The honoree we chose that night to mark the occasion was Holbrooke, a contributor to the very first issue of Foreign Policy in the winter of who went on to become our editor for five years in the s.

Chairman Don Graham read out loud to our guests that night a particularly prescient passage from it in this WikiLeaked-obsessed moment.

What the life of Richard Holbrooke tells us about the decay of Pax Americana. There was no fixed closing date, though he didn’t think the cast could last longer​.

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This is why there are still modern-day abolitionists. And this is why the rest of us should join them. Late last year, the State Department mourned the loss of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, a man who exemplified the best in public service. Many are familiar with his storied history in Vietnam, his service as one of the youngest Assistant Secretaries in history, his central role in ending the Balkan wars, his service as Ambassador to the United Nations, and, finally, his work as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In , while serving as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador Holbrooke learned of a group of workers in Pakistan who were being held in debt bondage.

Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke (April 24, – December 13, ) was an American Petition for Naturalization of Dan Holbrooke, U.S. District, Southern District New York Court # dated 22 May ; ^ Jump up to: Sciolino.

Frank James. Richard Holbrooke. Afghanistan hasn’t become the U. Holbrooke spoke with All Things Considered co-host Robert Siegel Monday we’ll provide a live link when it becomes available and took issue with what he sees as a revisionist history being peddled by some in the media who are dating the start of Vietnam to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in President Lyndon Johnson got Congress to pass the resolution on what many historians consider the trumped-up pretext of a North Vietnamese attack on a U.

I was in Vietnam a year and half before they started the war, according to these new journalistic reports.

Richard Holbrooke is ‘Great Negotiator’

It all began so promisingly. The State Department assigned him to the rural southern tip of Vietnam. In a region where the South Vietnamese army and its American advisers claimed to have eliminated the communist guerrillas, Holbrooke discovered the Viet Cong were actually pervasive and getting stronger. Observant, clever and energetic, Holbrooke was an early witness to the collective delusions driving the US war in Vietnam.

Holbrooke dodged bullets and filed reports.

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Our Man is a great, exuberant read, gossipy and thoughtful, about a remarkable American diplomat who tried to place himself at the heart of some of the bloodiest, most intractable wars of our age: Vietnam, Bosnia and Afghanistan. This unconventional biography of Richard Holbrooke, presidential envoy to the Balkans and former UN ambassador, however, may not be such a great read for his widow, the writer Kati Marton.

There is a brutal cataloguing of his personal weaknesses, his swagger, the lack of introspection, his emotional neediness. To do so he had to be accepted as a political insider, trusted by presidents. His primary. Subscription Notification. We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Please update your billing details here.

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Barack Obama. His experience there and in Washington, D. After serving as Peace Corps director in Morocco from to , he edited the quarterly magazine Foreign Policy —

Date distributed (ymd): version of the speech in Pretoria by U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN Richard C. Holbrooke, in which.

Pakistan is “at the heart” of the search for peace and stability in southern Asia and the US is building up a much closer relationship with the country, Richard Holbrooke , the American special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said today. In contrast to the Bush years, the Obama administration was developing what he called a strategic dialogue with Pakistan, working as closely together as possible, Holbrooke said.

Asked whether the US trusted Pakistan, he described the relationship as “very complicated” but “an indispensable one for Great Britain and the US”. Approaches to Pakistan by the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai — an avenue to talks with the Taliban — have provoked a markedly lukewarm response from the US in the past. Holbrooke said there was now “much more co-operation” between Islamabad and Washington. However, he declined to comment on the Haqqani network — a group within the insurgency based in North Waziristan, in the Afghan tribal belt — other than to say that it was responsible for attempts to bomb the Indian embassy in Kabul, the peace jirga, and a recent international conference there.

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