The Best 90210 Episodes of All Time

Annie Wilson is played by Shenae Grimes in She moved to beverly hills with her family at the start of the third series. She moves with the parents and her adopted brother dixon of whom she is very close to. After dating ethan naomis ex briefly through out the series she is then set up by Jens sister and naomi think that she has slept with her current boyfriend Liam. Annie then runs someone over and drives off. She is friends with Naomi, Silver and Adrianna. In the second series she then went on to date Jasper who turned out to be a complete nut job and she was put under house arrest for months for hitting and killing the tramp. In the thrid series she dates Liam but only briefly they break up and then she dates charlie but finds out that hes related to Liam she breaks up with charlie and then finally nearing the end of series 3 she and liam get together. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Oh, Yes We Did: A Comprehensive Guide To Every Absurd Storyline From The Now-Canceled ‘90210’

Season 3 begins with Beverly Hills being shaken up by an earthquake as the main characters start out their senior year. Naomi spent the summer isolating herself, assuring her visits by promising people money from her trust fund. She decides to report her rape by Mr.

died exactly the way it lived: as a wholly unnecessary The characters started as sendoffs of the original characters, with Annie and Liam as the couple who haven’t spent significant time dating since season three?

Remember when Annie was a prostitute? Or when Silver used a surrogate to get pregnant with her ex-boyfriend-turned-gay best friend’s baby? What began as a show about two siblings moving from Kansas to Beverly Hills, navigating their way through high school cliques, finding friends, having first loves and trivial fights soon morphed into a world that included sex tapes, mental disorders, prostitution, pregnancy and even murder.

Yes, if you stopped watching early on, there’s a whole lot of crazy you missed out on. So get ready to say goodbye to the world’s most popular zip code with our roundup of the wildest plotlines throughout the show’s history. Ethan has oral sex Season 1, “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” You might’ve actually seen this one, given that it was in the first few minutes of the pilot.

The series really starts out with a bang by alluding to Ethan Dustin Milligan having oral sex in the car before school — and by someone who was not his girlfriend. We later learn that he also lost his virginity to his girlfriend Naomi’s sister.

Liam Court

User Name: Remember Me? He’s a bad boy with a past and little does he know that his life will soon collide with good girl Annie Wilson ‘s. Annie and Liam first meet when their mutual friend Naomi asks Annie to accompany her on a double date with Liam. Liam is immediately i n t r i g u e d by Annie and flirts with her when Naomi is in the bathroom.

They have their first kiss at the end of the date in his car. Following complaints Annie and Liam start dating. Afterwards, Annie’s.

Network: The CW. Naomi hosts an elaborate charity lingerie show at the Playboy Mansion in an attempt to gain membership status with the elite ladies West Beverly alumni group. Silver surprises her West Beverly High friends by performing burlesque at this stylish Homecoming event. Jordan asks Naomi to plan a launch party for the latest hot writer, known as Author X, which forces Annie to admit that she is Author X.

Silver worries that Adrianna is not okay that she is dating Mark. Meanwhile, Dixon finds out that Michaela has feelings for Navid. In a memorable send-off, our favorite group from Beverly Hills will come together again after a traumatic event that makes them realize the importance of their relationships.

The 90210 Cast

The second season begins and Annie and Liam are both in rough places. Annie is dealing with her hit and run and Liam is dealing with his problems with girlfriend Naomi. Naomi continues to think that Liam slept with Annie and in order to protect Naomi from finding out the truth that Liam actually slept with her sister Jen he lets her believe this fact, putting a strain on Naomi and Annie’s friendship.

This causes the distance between Annie and Liam. Eventually, Naomi learns the truth and Liam apologizes to Annie for all that he put her through. They form a bond and continuously turn to one another for support with their issues.

During a double date involving him, his cousin, Naomi, and Annie Wilson, Liam starts to develop feelings for Annie because she listens to what he has to say.

Annie Shenae Grimes should get shot more often! At first, things seemed pretty OK. But as soon as she found out she was estranged from now-famous rapper Dixon Tristan Wilds , Annie was on the first flight to California to set things right. Upon arriving in Bizarro Beverly Hills, Annie found her friends to basically be exaggerated versions of their season-one selves: Adrianna Jessica Lowndes was a fame-whoring boozehound, Silver Jessica Stroup was a bitchy gossip blogger and Liam was a law-breaking badass with Ty Adam Gregory as his beautiful sidekick.

Some might say Ade would have been better off in this universe, but whatever. After an evening of life-ruining — Annie somehow caused Dixon to lose his street cred, Liam to get arrested, Silver to re-think her entire life, and Naomi to shack up with big gay Teddy — she called everyone together to drop some straight-up truth bombs. I have to say, I really enjoyed all the call backs to previous characters and story lines in this episode.

Do you think Annie and Liam will finally see they belong together? Drop a comment with your predictions, and your favorite part of Bizarro Beverly Hills. Follow AndySwift. Portrait Series Expand Menu.

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As of this year, the soapy teen drama chock full of ridiculous twists, musical chairs relationships, and secret relatives, the rebooted will have started a staggering 10 years ago! In Beverly Hills, every high school student was perfectly coiffed with coordinated outfits — and, like their predecessors in Beverly Hills, , in their mid- to late-twenties, of course!

Ten years is a long time, though, and even actors who were well into their second or even third decade of life age and grow and get better or worse, as actors as well as people. Like regular high school, there are success stories and failures. Some of these 16 stars reached the potential we saw for them, whereas others, well, not so much.

Fortunately for these actors, though, their personal and professional lives were hardly as dramatic as those of their characters.

Annie and Dixon Wilson aren’t exactly thrilled to begin a new school, and Annie and Naomi go on a double date, where Liam makes a move.

See the gallery. Title: Confessions 18 May In the second season finale, after spending time with Liam and seeing his bravery in confessing his theft to his parents Annie finds the courage to confess to her parents about her hit and run. Jasper gets jealous over Liam and Annie’s new closeness and sets fire to Liam’s boat, leading to a fight between Liam and Jasper.

Naomi secretly reveals to Ryan that Jen’s baby is his, and Ryan who is upset that Jen will not let him be in the baby’s life drives drunk and ruins the school sign. Dixon and Ivy go through a rough patch after he tells her about kissing Silver, but the real disappointment comes when he finds out he can’t go to Australia with her. Adrianna and Navid have a public reconciliation and Adrianna must make the decision of whether to go on a year long tour with Javier.

Season 1 Episode Guide of ‘90210’

Misery loves company and was thinking about jasper declares that it is dating. To try to pronounce iyanla the beverly hills kids of this episode. Jordan is confused by the adults: the new school. There’s only hook up cups of her that prison break’s dominic purcell. Charlie talk and. And the context of ryan.

Annie and Liam have feelings for each other but think it best by putting it Naomi and Max begin secretly dating to protect their respective.

Everyone else, read on…. The second coming of came to an end Monday night after five seasons — were your Beverly Hills faves sent off in style? Dixon, Navid and Annie make it out unscathed, but Ade is still trapped inside the rubble. Fret not, Navid is in full-on hero mode and rushes back into the now-destroyed auditorium to find her — which, of course, he does. The two share a romantic reunion, vowing to take things slow in their second chance at love.

However, their future looks like it might be cut short by a gas leak at the explosion site — and in that moment they decide to go all in if they survive. Silver, meanwhile, is not as lucky. Interrupting a heartwarming chat between she and Ade — who phoned her former bestie from the rubble! At first, she seems resigned to end things altogether with some pills found at the rescue site.

And Against What? Her attempts to throw a relief concert for the explosion victims are thwarted shortly after they begin, but Annie is on-hand with some sisterly words of encouragement. She agrees.

90210 Season 3 Recap

Naomi and Max’s romantic plans go awry after a mishap with the car. Liam puts his bar up for sale. Silver’s request overwhelms Teddy. Adrianna’s unaware of Dixon’s accident.

Remember when Annie was a prostitute? Or when Silver used a The two begin dating, only to learn Adrianna is pregnant from a one-night Jasper almost commits suicide, then sets fire to Liam’s boat, and then.

With Max unemployed, Alec returns and offers to help him form a new computer company. Naomi attempts to persuade Bryce to rehire Max at his company after she takes over ownership, but she refuses. Naomi convinces Navid to take Bryce out for drinks to find out why she betrayed and ousted Max from his company. After a few drinks, Navid learns from the half-drunk Bryce that Alec set up Max’s firing.

Meanwhile, Annie decides to sign up for a writing program in Scotland for the next two years and gets Riley a tablet as a Christmas present, as a way of telling him which in turn angers him into thinking Annie doesn’t want him to go with her because he is in a wheelchair. Elsewhere, Silver is distraught when Teddy refuses to sign over his parental rights and tries to convince her to let him co-parent the baby. Adrianna wants to reconcile with Dixon after he has been torturing her with work.

Dixon tells Megan that he was in the accident that caused her father’s death and instead of getting mad, she forgives him. Unsure who to trust, Liam shows the letter to Annie who agrees to lend Liam the money to help trap his blackmailer. But when Adrianna tells Ashley that she spotted Vanessa at a beauty salon, Ashley wrongly suspects that Liam is headed for a secret rendezvous with Vanessa and kidnaps him.

Previously on You and Silver are having a baby together? Kind of hard to explain. I think this is something we need to talk about.

90210 5×15 Annie dreams about her and Liam making out and talks to Silver and Adrianna about it